Learning from Team and Group Diversity

Nurturing and Benefiting from our Heterogeneity
Sunday, November 10, 2019
Workshop structure

At this early date, we describe a provisional structure for the workshop. The actual structure may be different, depending upon your submissions! We will update this page during October as we learn from you.

We plan to send all accepted submissions to all of the participants; please consider these confidential unless the authors give you permission to distribute them further. We encourage participants to read each others’ papers in advance. We plan only very brief presentations at the workshop, to allow us to move directly to innovative work.

We anticipate to begin with brief introductions, including brief mention of the topic of your position paper. Based on your contributions, we will organize a series of discussions. Our current assumption is that we will hold these discussion in plenary (all of us together). However, if there are specialized topics, we may break into subgroups. If appropriate, we may invite selected position papers for longer (5-10 minute) presentations to set a topic for portions of the workshop. We will spend the last 30-60 minutes assessing what we have learned from each other, and discussing whether we have enough material to write a report or a publication based on our shared and newly constructed knowledge.